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Jeremy Liberman
August 10, 2014 · 2 min read

It’s been a long time since I wrote something here. I thought I would break the silence with a new post about Meteor.

Meteor makes it pretty easy to start prototyping a new project very quickly. When you want your ol’ familiar Bootstrap for CSS, you just meteor add bootstrap and there it is, including the stylish $el.tooltip() component.

So while building templates in Meteor, I thought I had tooltips figured out. I’d write them something like this:

<!-- my_awesome_template.html -->
<template name="my_awesome_template">
  <a id="current" href="#" title="{{tooltip_label}}">My Awesome Post</a>
Template.my_awesome_template.rendered = ->

Template.my_awesome_template.tooltip_label = ->
"It has #{Likes.find().count()} like(s)!"

Which looked great, but I quickly came to realize that when my Likes Collection changed, the bootstrap tooltip wasn’t getting refreshed, even though the underlying title attribute was. I tried using several event binding techniques like observe to try and refresh the tooltip whenever the collection changed, but those strategies weren’t panning out. I wasn’t interested in squirreling away a lot of tooltip code into my subscription callbacks, either.

It turns out, I was way over-complicating this. You see, I already have a function that was executing every time the label changed, it was just a tiny bit too fast. I wanted to refresh the tooltip AFTER the tooltip_label function ran, so this is what I did:

Template.my_awesome_template.tooltip_label = ->
setTimeout (->
), 0
"It has #{Likes.find().count()} like(s)!"

By calling setTimeout with a zero delay, I queued up the code to refresh the tooltip immediately after the function returns. A simple no cruft way to include reactive Bootstrap Tooltips in your Meteor Templates.

Updated August 10, 2014: Turns out you can use the Meteor.defer function to do the same thing as setTimeout in an even cleaner way. Now my CoffeeScript looks like this:

Template.my_awesome_template.tooltip_label = ->
Meteor.defer -> \$('#link').tooltip('fixTitle')
"It has #{Likes.find().count()} like(s)!"